My Boat Upon the Waters




Please Lord put behind me all the times that I have failed

Breathe into me  a new life and put Your Hope into my sails

Make forgiveness be the harbour that is my journey’s start

And chart a course for Mercy that now lies within my Heart


With every rising sun, let me follow in Your Wake

While the endless waves transform me to Your Make

Let me sing at every sunset, praises to Your Name

As a million stars reflect, my steps along the way


Let me see your Goodness in each morning, as the dawn breaks across my bow

May the Holy Spirit rise in me, though i t’s a mystery to me just how

Your endless love can find me,  far and wide across the seas

In raging  storms or quiet mist Your whispers, echo back to me


You are my faithful Captain and Your hand it sets the course

As I seek to do Your bidding, because Your  love it is the source

Of everything that is good in me and I will try forever more

To glorify Your name Lord and receive Your great reward




About mechristandchronicdisease

Poet, dreamer, writer who lives on ten acre farm shared with Husband and soulmate along with numerous furry four footed creatures. Passionate about Jesus Christ and the way he can transform a life.
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