In Praise of a Doctor

Dec 12 2015 marked the passing of a very special person, Dr Vivian Moir. Her practice was in Keswick, Ontario and it was a large one. Her death left a huge hole in the community and in the heart of all her family, friends and patients.

She had been the doctor who had quarter backed all my illness ‘s and treated me as a friend. In her passing it has been hard to find a doctor with her level of knowledge, compassion, and level of caring.

She also realized all my physical ailments needed to be treated together in order to achieve harmony within my body.

Since her passing I have been wrestling with doctor’s who don’t understand chronic pain like she did. And it seems no one is familiar with inflammatory arthritis from Chron’s disease and the effects of fibromyalgia and how they can work together to make pain so bad that a person can hardly function.

Some doctors where she worked did not agree with some of her choices in  medications  resulting in being denied certain med’s used for pain control which has resulted in a backlash of pain that is hard to overcome.

I don’t sleep well at night anymore and it takes me till noon till I can cope with the pain.

But there is one thing they cannot take from me, my service dog in training, Riley who Dr Moir prescribed for me shortly before her death. She did get a chance to meet her in the office a couple of times but I am sad that she will never see her grow up. For me that dog is a constant reminder of Dr Moir’s compassion and devotion to her patients.

It was Dr Moir’s hope that Riley’s training and presence in my life would give me some relief from overwhelming pain and anxiety and bring some joy back into my life.

I am happy to report that the four legged partner prescribed to me a year ago has made a huge difference in my life.

Using deep pressure therapy where the dog presses on certain points of the body does help with pain and stress helping me to be off strong pain medications that had bad side effects. Just feeling the heat of her body on my sore joints helps me feel better and allows some relief from unrelenting pain.

When dealing with chronic illness it is easy to feel withdrawn and isolated even when you are surrounded by people. I fight a constant battle with fatigue, pain and worry and to be around a dog who has such a love for people and a joy for life is like a breath of fresh air that wakes me up to the simple pleasures of life that are easily missed.

Thanks to the fact my dog is an early riser I have seen a number of beautiful sunrises that I would have never seen. Riley’s playful heart and love of games makes me take a moment to laugh and forget about the problems that loom ahead.

When working her in public she forces me to engage with people who I would have avoided or have had no chance to meet which has made me feel a little less alone.

It is my hope that one day when I cross the threshold between life and death and remain in the here after I will get a chance to thank Dr Moir for her kindness and care and tell her what a wonder blessing that four legged prescription is to me and the way it changed my life.










About mechristandchronicdisease

Poet, dreamer, writer who lives on ten acre farm shared with Husband and soulmate along with numerous furry four footed creatures. Passionate about Jesus Christ and the way he can transform a life.
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