It seems I travel light this time as I set upon the road

All the people who I held so dear think I’m quite the toad

The trouble of settling down it seems means your veneer  start to peel and crack

No longer bright and shiny is the skin upon your back

Too soon the lines of age creep in and wear soon expose your warts

Repulsing those that stood with you, they push you to leave for foreign ports

I should have stayed far away, making the open road my friend

than I would never know the way you felt and we could still pretend

that we are still a family and that we really care

but now its just a fantasy that fizzled in the air

I will leave quietly and the lie will still live on

All I wish for is your happiness after I have gone

Everyday I spend begging for the Lord to save your soul

So one day I can have the family that I have never known










About mechristandchronicdisease

Poet, dreamer, writer who lives on ten acre farm shared with Husband and soulmate along with numerous furry four footed creatures. Passionate about Jesus Christ and the way he can transform a life.
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